Rental and projection of films 

If you wish to project a film in your establishment (cinema, media library, municipal video library, works council, association, etc.), we propose to rent the broadcasting support (DCP, Bluray or other…)

Price of a rental :

Rent the film and organize a projection to animate your establishment. Do not hesitate to contact us :

The directors can accompany the screening under certain conditions.

Two exhibition kits are now available: one on the artist O’Galop and another on the series Republicature (since May 2021).


New : The Republicature exhibition

The Republicature exhibition kit is now available! Discover the history of famous French laws in relation with the history of caricature, in an immersive exhibition that pays tribute to the great cartoonists of French history. 

You can find the virtual exhibition here :

The exhibition kit contains 18 exhibition panels and 12 short animated films.

Public : Exhibition suitable for families and schools (middle school, high school)

Rental cost: 500€ (before tax) per week, 250€ (before tax) per additional week, (transport not included)

Installation complements:

  • Collection of short films to be played in a loop on a television set, to be video-projected on a wall or to be projected in a movie theater;
  • Meetings with the director, the authors and graphic designers, expenses and remunerations in charge of the host structure
  • It is possible to ask for a loan of original works realized within the framework of the project Républicature, subject to certain conditions of exposure: room under surveillance, under night alarm, works under glass or under frame, insurance and transport at the expense of the hosts of the exposure.






















The O’Galop exhibition

Everyone knows the Michelin Man but no one knows the artist behind this world famous logo.
Marius Rossillon, known as O’Galop (1867-1946), was an illustrator for the satirical press, a poster artist, a pioneer of animated films and the illustrator of the Michelin Man. His great-grandson and director of the documentary film on O’Galop, in collaboration with the city of Carsac-Aillac, proposes to explore the artist’s universe. An exhibition, screenings of the documentary film as well as a « Mr. Michelin Man » trail in the town will focus on the life and work of this artist who died in Carsac-Aillac in 1946.

This exhibition highlights different aspects of the artist’s life and work. This project involves little-known animated films, graphic elements (magic lantern glass plates, drawings, illustrations, caricatures, posters and watercolors). She parallels her different activities by focusing on her work as an illustrator and cartoonist.

1/ The caricaturist and cartoonist (The satirical and humorous press and Epinal imagery)
2/ The graphic designer of the Michelin Man
3/ The children’s illustrator (illustrated books for children)
4/ The watercolorist
5/ The cartoonist

Photos of the exhibition in situ are available on request.

This exhibition is composed of :

  • Approximately 12 panels printed on both sides of 150/80cm
    4 tarpaulins of 300cm/80cm
    O’Galop’s printed works: illustrated books for children, satirical and humorous presses, Epinal plates and iconography around the Michelin Man
  • A 3-minute color video montage entitled « O’Galop’s Méli-Mélo » on his character Méli-Mélo in various media (comics, cartoons and wooden toys)
  • The projection of the film in its 38 or 52 minutes version broadcasted on France Télévision which received the SCAM’s « les étoiles » prize which rewards the 30 best films broadcasted in 2010.
  • 8 short animated films by O’Galop.

The video elements can be edited in a loop and shown on LCD screens. We do not provide LCD screens.