Benjamin Rabier, the Man who Made Animals Laugh

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Year : 2012

Length : 53 min

Language : French
(English subtitles)

Film format : HD, 16:9, Stéréo

Broadcast medium : DCP, DVD, Blu-ray,
digital file HD

Coproducers : Girelle Production et Bip TV

Visa : 142507

Supports : CNC, Région Aquitaine, Écla, Région Centre, Ciclic,
Procirep Angoa

ISAN : 0000-0003-A6A3-0000-X-0000-0000-C


Writer and director : Marc Faye

Soundtrack : Sylvain Ollivier

Synopsis :

Everybody knows Laughing cow but nobody knows who is the artist behind this famous trademark. Benjamin Rabier (1864-1939) is a French illustrator, comic book artist and animator.
He became famous for creating La Vache qui rit (The laughing Cow) and Gédéon le canard (Gideon the duck) he is also one of the pioneers of animated films .
This is the opening sequence of the documentary "Benjamin Rabier" directed by "Marc Faye" and produced by Novanima

The director

Marc Faye

Marc Faye is a director and producer who works on different projects dealing with original or real stories. He supports young directors' projects in documentary (Womanhattan, George Hyvernaud, The Chaland Enigma and newly : Alex Barbier and La Révolution des cantines) or animation (Keep Your Hair On, Olivier, Riviera or recently : My Juke-Box and Saigon sur Marne)

Broadcast - Distribution - Festivals

Broadcast : Bip TV
Distribution : Novanima productions


Festivals :

MIFF Maine International Film Festival, Waterville, United-States, 2013

Festival Be There, Corfou, United-Kingdom, 2013

Reanimania Festival, Yerevan, Armenia, 2013

Angoulême International Comics Festival, France, 2013

Escales Documentaires, La Rochelle, France 2013

Carrefour du cinéma d’animation, Forum des images, Paris, 2013

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