Kill, Eat

Data sheet - Synopsis

Year : 2018

Length : 59 min

Language : French

Film format : HD, 16:9

Writer and director : Annabelle Basurko


Synopsis :

I buy and eat dead animals.
I have never killed to eat.
Someone else always kill for me.
I wish to face death, to face my predation.
I have decided to learn how to kill a chicken.
For that, I am going to visit persons who live with animals, who love them, who  kill them and who eat them.
My goal : give meaning (back) to the sacred act to eat meat.

The director

Annabelle Basurko

Annabelle Basurko works as an editor since 2012 on several TV reportages projects, webdocumentaries (14x6', 26') and short fiction films for Arte Web, Canal + and France Télévisions. In 2003, she received the grant "Defi Jeune" to make her first film Ma Banale séparation, a 80 minutes creative documentary. Then she directed in autoproduction The Hole, a medium-lenght fiction film. After moving in Nouvelle-Aquitaine (southwest of France) where she was born, Annabelle made a documentary series (4×15') : Kill, Eat for the TV program : La Revue Far Ouest, in which she questioned our relationship to the animal death.

Broadcast - Distribution

Broadcast : Revue Far Ouest, Cinéréseaux (Bordeaux)

Distribution : Novanima productions


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