S’il vous plaît Madame, répondez-moi !

In production

Data sheet - Synopsis

Year : 2020

Length : 52 min

Language : French

Film format : HD, 16:9, Stéréo

Broadcast medium : DCP

Coproducers : Bip TV, TV Tours

Supports : Bip TV, TV Tours


Synopsis :

During the inter-war period, the France recruited a lot of Polish female workers as maids and housekeepers. Thanks to exceptional archives footage, kept in the local archives and mainly composed by letters between those women and their social worker Julie Duval, the film proposes to tell the harsh fate of those emigrants in the West French countryside. Their unregarded story still distress us today. Isolation, humiliation, exhausting work, rapes stay in the core of their grievances.


The directors

Marie-Laure Désidéri

With a degree in Modern litterature and in Image and sound's research, Marie-Laure Désidéri worked first as an editor on severals documentary films for Arte et France Télévisions. She also worked a while with independant production companies (BFC, Ethan, Phares et Balises, Acrobates Films, La Huit-Productions or Catalyse). Marie-Laure is also a trainer in editing for the France Télévisions' University and for CFPJ and was in charge of translations and adaptations in French of Italian programs and plays for theatre and television broadcasters as Canal + and Arte.

After several collaborations with Chrisitan Argentino (such as Éloge du vent, 2015, Giovanna Marini, la voix des invisibles, 2015 or Pierre Barouh, l'art des rencontres, 2017), she starts now a new project in co-directing with him : S'il vous plaît Madame, répondez-moi !


Christian Argentino

After studying cinema (editing training at l’École des Gobelins, degree of camera operator at l'INA, degree of Cinematographic Animation Studies at the University of Aix-en-Provence), Christian Argentino was assistant for several documentary films (by Philippe Grandrieux or William Karel for example) and on fiction films (by Maurice Pialat, Jacques Rozier, Manuel de Oliveira, Alain Tanner, René Allio, Raoul Ruiz or Philippe Faucon). Directing for several years now, he made different films, such as : Georges Hyvernaud, deux ou trois choses qui comptent vraiment (2018), Pierre Barouh, l’art des rencontres (2017), Éloge du vent (2011) ou Sur les tréteaux du Sud (2011).

Broadcast - Distribution

Broadcast : Bip TV, TV Tours

Distribution : Novanima productions