The Apple of my Eye

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Year : 2016

Length : 67 min

Language : Fench & Vietnamese
(English and French subtitles)

Film format : HD 16:9 Stéréo, Dolby 5.1

Broadcast medium : DCP, DVD, blueray, Quick time

Coproducers : Tarmak Films & Bip TV

Supports : CNC, ACSÉ, Région Aquitaine, Écla, Région Basse-Normandie, Maison de l'image, Procirep Angoa, SCAM, Résidence Périphérie

ISAN : 0000-0003-A6A3-0000-X-0000-0000-C


Writer and director : Tuyet Thi Bach Pham

Soundtrack : Benjamin Charavner

Synopsis :

One day, I lose my identity card. By taking the steps to renew it, I discover a piece of history ignored my family ... Suddenly, I become aware of the link between me, my nationality and the history of French colonization.

The director

Tuyet Pham

Born in Vietnam, Tuyet Pham lives and works in parisian's Region as a director for documentary films and as a French teacher.
When she arrived in France, the discover of another culture, another language was for her a curcial initiatic experience. Her searches focus on the relationship with the other one and the otherness. Her work questions this issue, sometime via exil, undocumented workers, helped education of french citizenship as in The Apple of my Eyes.

Distribution - Festivals

Distribution : Novanima productions


Festivals :

Festival Résonances, 2016

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