Raymond Aubrac

Data sheet - Synopsis

Year : 2010

Length :  102 min

Language : French
(English subtitles)

Film format : HD, 16:9, Stéréo

Broadcast medium : DCP, DVD

Coproducers : Les Films d’Ici, INA

Supports : CNC, Procirep-Angoa, Région Aquitaine,
Ministère de la Défense

ISAN : 0000-0003-4349-0000-0-0000-0000-3 

Synopsis :

A self-portrait of Raymond Aubrac during the war time. He goes back on his commitments to the French Resistance but also on the accusations he had to bear after the Klaus Barbie trial. He tells us the utopia he dreamt about with his wife, Lucie and his comrades and shares his lost hopes.

The directors

Pascal Convert

Pascal Convert is a plasticien artist and an author of documentary films. The memory's issue composes an important part of his work. Among his films, we can think about : Mont Valérien, au nom des fusillées - which is accompanied by a sculpture work -, Joseph Epstein, bon pour la légende and Raymond Aubrac, les années de guerre.

Fabien Béziat

Fabien Béziat is an editor master, director and teacher in the Ecole Supérieure d'Art des Rocailles. He also made the film La Piéta du Kosovo, in 2002.

Broadcast - Distribution - Festivals

Broadcast : France 2, Planète

Distribution : Les Films d'Ici



Festivals :

FIPA - Biarritz - 2011
Le Festival du Film sur la Résistance - Nice - 2011
Festival Documentaire Sur La Résistance En Picardie - Montdidier et Abbeville - 2014


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