Trona Pinnacles

In production

Data sheet - Synopsis

Year : 2020

Length : 12 min

Language : French, English
(French and English subtitles)

Film format : HD, 16:9, Stéréo,

Broadcast medium : DCP

Coproducers : Girelle Production

Supports : Canal +, Ciclic, Région Centre-Val-de-Loire, Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine, ALCA, Ville de Paris



Writer and director : Mathilde Parquet

Synopsis :

Gabrielle, a 19 years old young girl, is stuck next to the Death Valley between her parents who do not talk to each other any more. All three of them, feeling trapped, are trying to escape the stress ambiance, in a huge background which seems unchanging for them.
The situation seems hopeless.
Until an unexpected event comes to defuse everything...

The director

Mathilde Parquet

Mathilde Parquet

Broadcast - Distribution - Festivals

Broadcast : Canal +

Distribution : Novanima productions


Festivals :

Pitch Mifa, festival international d'animation d'Annecy, 2016

Awards :

Prix Open Worshop Vibrog, Pitch Mifa, festival international d'animation d'Annecy, 2016


En production :