Immense Immobile

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Year : 2016

Length : 16 min

Language : Français (sous-titres anglais)

Film format : HD, 16:9, Stéréo

Broadcast medium : DCP, Blu-ray

Coproducers : Ailleurs Prod

Supports : TV7, CNC, Région Aquitaine, APEA


Director : Marc Faye

Soundtrack : Sylvain Ollivier

Without speaking, autistic children develop another world in their mind. The time is not yet ripe for its birth. The rockslide of the castels takes part in the project. The grain of sand is working. L'immense immobile (the still huge one).


The director

Marc Faye

Marc Faye is a director and producer who works on different projects dealing with original or real stories. He supports young directors' projects in documentary (Womanhattan, George Hyvernaud, The Chaland Enigma and newly : Alex Barbier and La Révolution des cantines) or animation (Keep Your Hair On, Olivier, Riviera or recently : My Juke-Box and Saigon sur Marne)

Distribution - Broadcast - Festivals

Broadcast : TV7

Distribution : Novanima productions



Festivals :

Festival À Nous de Voir, Oullins, 2011

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