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Year of release : 2022

Length : 10 min

Language : French

Format : HD, 16:9

Support : Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine - Alca

Résidence Maison des auteurs Angoulême - Pitch Festival de Rennes

France in shorts Mifa 2020

Visa : 

Author-Director : Karolina Chabier

Animation : Karolina Chabier



Synopsis :

Two goddesses, The Great one and The Small one, sail on a boat through an infinite night. Together, they create the world, the stars, the sun and the Earth, and then the living beings. Animals emerge from the waters, grow and a lush primeval forest is born. But discord soon comes. The Little One destroys everything the Big One invents, while the Big One finds herself overwhelmed by her frenetic creativity. This new world becomes independent and continues its life without its two creators.



The Director

Karolina Chabier

Born in Poznań, Poland in 1993, she comes to France to pursue her studies in animation cinema. She studied two years at the ÉESI in Poitiers and then one year at the EMCA, in Angoulême, from which she graduated in 2017. She then worked for a year as a volume animator in the stop motion series Bonjour le Monde by Anne Lise Koehler and Eric Serre. She has always been fascinated by unusual and bizarre stories, where reality meets the tale. In her works she often creates fantastic worlds inspired by mythologies, legends and folklore of the world, or by illustrations and strange stories found in old books. In residence at the Maison des Authors in Angoulême, Karolina is developing her project of a short film in 2D animation with a pencil set. It is a story based on Slavic cosmogony and natural history in which two spirits create a world together. This world, as it evolves, becomes more and more independent and ends up imprisoning its own creators. The project has received writing support from the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region and the Charente department, and has been shortlisted for writing support from the CNC. It was also selected for the concept pitch at the 2020 National Animation Festival in Rennes.

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Distribution : Novanima

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Festival International du court-métrage 

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