Under your fingers

Oscars Selection – 2017
César Nomination – 2016

Data sheet - Synopsis

Year : 2014

Length : 12 min

Language : French
(English subtitles)

Film format : HD, 16:9, Stéréo

Broadcast medium : DCP, Blu-ray, DVD, Quick time

Coproducers : Vivement Lundi !

Visa : 138454

Supports : France 2, TVR, Tébéo, Tébésud, CNC, Département du
Lot-et-Garonne, Région Bretagne, Région Aquitaine,
communauté d'agglomération du Grand Villeuvois,
Procirep Angoa


Synopsis :

The day of the cremation of her grand mother, Emilie, a young mixed-race Asian girl, buries herself into her grandmother memories. She discovers the Indochina of Hoa, her romantic encounter with Jacques (a French colon), the birth of Linh (Emilie's mother) and her tragic departure to France in 1956.
She relives with Linh, the arrival into the camp of Sainte-Livrade, the exploitation of the Indochinese women by the market gardeners of Lot-et-Garonne.
Between memories, dance, anger and traditional rituals, Emilie learns to accept this heritage…

The director

Marie-Christine Courtès

Marie-Christine Courtès first worked as a photographer, reporter and journalist for France 3 and France 2. She was also a camera operator for several documentary films broadcasted on France 3, France 5 and Arte. Her interest for Asia led her to work for vietnamese and cambodian televisions.
In 2004, she directed The Camp of the Forgotten Ones, selected for the FICA, then in 2012 One Thousand Days in Saigon, rewarded with the documentary public prize. She also develop several projects with the production company : Vivement Lundi !

Broadcast - Distribution - Festivals

Broadcast : France 2, TVR, Tébéo, Tébésud

Distribution : Vivement Lundi !



Festivals :

Festival du court métrage de Grenoble , France, 2015

Festival du Film de Sarlat, France, 2015

Les 12 courts de minuit, Paris 2015

Cinanima, Espinho, Portugal, 2015

Séquence court métrage, Toulouse, France, 2015

Chacun son court, Strasbourg, France, 2015

Urban Film Festival, Paris 2015

FICAM Meknès, Morocco, 2015



Award :

Mention of the young public jury, Festival du court métrage de Grenoble, France, 2015

Shortfilm, first prize, Festival du Film de Sarlat, France, 2015

Public Prize, Les 12 courts de minuit, Paris, 2015

Special Jury Award, Cinanima, Espinho, Portugal, 2015

 Public Prize, Séquence court métrage, Toulouse, France 2015

Jury Award, Chacun son court, Strasbourg, France, 2015

Animation 2D3D Award, Urban Film Festival, Paris, 2015

Prix RTS, Best francophone animated film, FICAM Meknès, Morocco, 2015

Junior Jury Award, FICAM Meknès, Morocco, 2015

Public Prize, FICAM Meknès, Morocco, 2015


Preselection Oscars, 2017

Nomination César, 2017

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