Through the grass

In production

Data sheet - Synopsis

Year : 2023

Length : 12 min 21

Language : Mute

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Writer and director : Elise Augarten

Synopsis :

A journey in train leads Red to get lost in the volutes of the landscape which reminds her disrupting memories. No possible escape, she will have to do something with those fragments of the past.

The director

Elise Augarten

Born in Paris, Elise Augarten always said since she was a child, that she would like to become a "drawer". Practising music and dance, after passing her baccalauréat, she beggins artistic studies. Passionated by animation cinema, she finally gets a degree at the ISCID (Institut Supérieur Couleur Image Design) in Montauban in May 2017. Her graduation film was selected in more than 30 international film festivals. She works now as an author and drawer.


Distribution : Novanima productions