In development

Data sheet - Synopsis

Year : 2020

Length : 13 min

Language : Français

Film format : HD, 16 mm



Director : Marc Faye

Synopsis :

On January 4th, 1990, just after the fall of the Berlin Wall, Arima, young student of a hotel school, does an unusual service in the sheep pen of François Mitterand in French Landes. The president has invited Helmut Kohl to share Ortolans. Their faces under tissus, they discuss about the futur of Germany...


The director

Marc Faye

Marc Faye is a director and producer who works on different projects dealing with original or real stories. He supports young directors' projects in documentary (Womanhattan, George Hyvernaud, The Chaland Enigma and newly : Alex Barbier and La Révolution des cantines) or animation (Keep Your Hair On, Olivier, Riviera or recently : My Juke-Box and Saigon sur Marne)


Distribution: Novanima productions