The Mountain that tastes of Salt

Data sheet - Synopsis

Year : 2011

Length : 22 min

Language : Français

Film format : HD, 4:3, Stéréo

Broadcast medium : DCP, DVD

Visa : 142509

Supports : Région Aquitaine, L'Esperlu&te, Ecla, Babeldoor, Ulule


Director : Julien Lahmi

Synopsis : On an evening, Paul found a note on which Louise said : “I move away for a while”. He didn’t want to believe it. He didn’t cut Albertine and Adrien’s stay short. Adrien didn’t ask for his mother. Adrien is my blood grandfather. He is one of the two children we can see on this 9,5 mm images of the 1930’s. Those images create the material of this fictionnal editing’s movie.

The director

Julien Lahmi

After studying at the ESSEC and the ENS Louis Lumière, Julien Lahmi started directing several documentaries such as Vietnam Paradiso, released in 2013 and selected in many film festivals. With the short film Le Film de Sa Vie (2007) the early stages of his recylcing cinema appear. From old family videos and home movies, he builds narrative and sensorial films. People who really existed on those original images became characters that Julien Lahmi makes speak thanks to acting and voices.

Next to his cineast activities, Julien Lahmi is also an acting teacher and manages workshops about recylcing cinema (with the projet Back to the roots) and the Mashup Film Festival.

Distribution - Festivals

Distribution : Novanima productions


Festivals :

Traverse Vidéo, Toulouse, 2013

Silhouette, Paris, 2013

MashUp Film Festival, 2013


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