Georges Hyvernaud,

Data sheet - Synopsis - Presskit

Year : 2018

Length : 68 min

Language : French
(English subtitles)

Film format : HD, 16:9, Stéréo

Broadcast medium : DCP, Blu-ray

Coproducers : Girelle Production, Bip TV

Supports : CNC, département Vienne, Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine,
Alca, département Charente-Maritime, Ciclic


Directors : Céline Pouillon et Christian Argentino

Soundtrack : Siegfried Canto

Synopsis :

Georges Hyvernaud, the writer is coming back, here and now, in 2014, just for a film in which he is the main character and he gives his eyes. "What a strange idea to make a movie about me" he should think since during his life, his work was received by reject or even worst, by silence. This film explores his universe and relies on his two main works : Skin and Bones and Letter to a little girl. Rooted in specific reality and time, those two works will slowly reached a present echoe.


The directors

Céline Pouillon

After her degree in Litterature in Paris and Music studies, Céline Pouillon started as a production assistant for different companies (Erato Films, Tournelles Production) and wrote scenarios for television and cinema. Thus, she wrote three scenarios for feature films with Joao Canijo : Ganhar a vida (2001), Piedade (2004) and Mal-nascida (2007), published a children story (Petite Fugue, Editions du Baron perché) and worked on the novelisation of a TV series (Tropiques amers, Editions Michel Lafon). With Stanislas Nordey and Julie Pouillon, she produced and staged the play The Ballad of Reading Gaol by Oscar Wilde for la Comédie de Reims. Céline Pouillon also made some fiction films (Une fois comme jamais, 2012) and codirected different documentaries (J’ai pas fait l’Ena, 2013, Georges Hyvernaud, deux ou trois choses qui comptent vraiment).


Christian Argentino

After studying cinema (editing training at l’École des Gobelins, degree of camera operator at l'INA, degree of Cinematographic Animation Studies at the University of Aix-en-Provence), Christian Argentino was assistant for several documentary films (by Philippe Grandrieux or William Karel for example) and on fiction films (by Maurice Pialat, Jacques Rozier, Manuel de Oliveira, Alain Tanner, René Allio, Raoul Ruiz or Philippe Faucon). Directing for several years now, he made different films, such as : Georges Hyvernaud, deux ou trois choses qui comptent vraiment (2018), Pierre Barouh, l’art des rencontres (2017), Éloge du vent (2011) ou Sur les tréteaux du Sud (2011).

Broadcast - Distribution

Broadcast : Bip TV

Distribution : Novanima productions



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